21st Century Oncology Launches New Non-Invasive Cancer Treatment Technology, The First Of Its Kind In Southwest Florida

Clinicians now able to deliver highly targeted doses to tumors of the lung, prostate, brain, spine, liver, pancreas, and other areas of the body

Cape Coral, Fla., U.S. –  A high-precision cancer treatment technology, the Varian Edge, is now available for the first time in Southwest Florida to treat patients with complex cancers.

21st Century Oncology, who recently joined the GenesisCare Network, has introduced two new non-invasive cancer treatment technologies at its Cape Coral center, the Varian Edge and Varian Halcyon systems.

The Varian Edge – an advanced linear accelerator – allows clinicians to deliver highly targeted doses of radiation (known as stereotactic radiation therapy) to tumors of the lung, prostate, brain, spine, liver, pancreas, and other areas of the body.

The Varian Edge system will also be used to treat other common cancers with highly advanced radiotherapy, including breast, uterine, esophageal, rectal and other cancers.

The addition of the two highly innovative treatment systems is part of GenesisCare’s commitment to investing in the latest technological advancements and bringing world-class cancer care to patients in Southwest Florida.

Nationwide, GenesisCare is investing in 10 linear accelerators in 100 days to 21st Century Oncology facilities in the United States, increasing patient access to world-class cancer care.

The Edge system tracks a patient’s tumor in real-time and calculates any patient movement, ensuring accurate treatment delivery. Stereotactic radiation therapy is a cancer treatment option that targets tumors in fewer high-dose treatments than traditional therapy, preserving healthy tissue and enabling fewer visits for treatment.

In addition to the Varian Edge system, the Varian Halcyon System is now available at Cape Coral, also allowing clinicians to target tumors with pinpoint accuracy [see media backgrounder on Varian Edge for more information].

“The Varian Edge is the first-of-its-kind in Southwest Florida, is highly innovative and precise, and will ease the treatment process for many patients in Southwest Florida with hard to treat cancers,” 21st Century Oncology Chief Policy Officer and Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Constantine Mantz, said.

“It will completely change the experience for patients as we are now able to spare healthy tissue for better cancer control rates and to save the patient more trips to the clinic.

“The technology even allows us to treat multiple, complex brain tumors at the same time.”

“For patients with complex cancers, the new technology allows us to deliver stereotactic radiosurgery, an intracranial non-invasive form of radiation therapy, which delivers precisely targeted radiation to smaller areas in fewer treatment sessions,” Dr. Mantz said.

The American Cancer Society estimates nearly two million new cancer cases will be diagnosed in 2020 in the United States. With an estimated 150,500 of these new cases to be in Florida, the state ranks second nationwide for new cancer cases this year.1

“In light of the aging population and incidence of new cancer cases here in Florida, it is absolutely imperative that we continue to invest in the latest treatment technologies to ensure patients receive access to the highest quality of cancer care closer to home,” GenesisCare Chief Executive Officer, Dan Collins, said.

“Cancer doesn’t stop during the COVID-19 pandemic and we need to ensure patients are still able to receive world-class cancer care at their doorstep in Southwest Florida.

“Our investment in these two new cutting-edge treatment technologies here at our Cape Coral center highlights our commitment to delivering the highest quality of cancer care during COVID-19,” Mr. Collins said.

Since the start of the pandemic 21st Century Oncology has introduced strict quality and safety measures to ensure patient and staff protection. To read more about health and safety protocols in place at 21st Century Oncology facilities visit 21co.com.

For more information about Varian Edge visit https://www.21co.com/tehnology/edge-radiosurgery/
For more information about Varian Halcyon visit https://www.21co.com/tehnology/halcyon/.


21st Century Oncology is the largest integrated cancer care group in the United States. It became part of the international GenesisCare network in May 2020.

We employ or are affiliated with nearly 900 physicians in the U.S., including radiation oncologists and other cancer-related specialists such as urologists, medical oncologists, hematologists, gynecologic oncologists, surgeons and pathologists. Together, we strive to deliver the most advanced, integrated and compassionate cancer care in personal and convenient settings from 293 locations across 19 states. Our U.S. headquarters are based in Fort Myers, Florida. For more information, please visit 21co.com.


GenesisCare is a leading international oncology clinical network, committed to leading the change in how care is given and tackling one of the world’s largest health burdens. Globally, the organization employs more than 5,500 highly trained physicians, healthcare professionals and support staff across Australia, the UK, Spain and now in the U.S.

Every year GenesisCare clinical teams see more than 400,000 people at more than 440 locations. This includes our 293 locations in the U.S., 38 locations in Australia, 14 in the UK and 21 in Spain. Our purpose is to design care experiences that get the best possible life outcomes. We believe that care should be focused on the individual, not the condition, and are proud of our world-class patient satisfaction ratings. For more information visit genesiscare.com

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