Alliance Of The Arts Water Wall Update: The Time Has Come!

The Alliance for the Arts has seen significant campus growth over the past few years. New sidewalks and pathways, enhanced landscaping, LED lighting, and a new paint job for our building has all lead us up to today: installation of the Caloosahatchee Water Wall by internationally acclaimed artist Michael Singer has officially begun and will continue for the next four weeks!

The piece champions the course of Florida’s unique, ecological memoir while celebrating the warmth and energy of our local neighborhood. We’re so excited it’s finally here!

Our ArtsPark project has been supported by friends, neighbors and donors who believe the arts play an important role in major conversations like environmental protection. The wall mirrors what we have been doing on the inside – using the arts to begin, amplify and continue conversations that explain complex issues in easy to understand ways.

Not only does the piece depict the Caloosahatchee River, it also affords an array of enviornmental restoration. The design of the Water Wall sweeps up water from the ArtsPark pond and filters it before allowing the water to trickle back down. As the water rolls to the bottom of the sculpture, it drips, reels and lands onto plants and soil at the base of the Water Wall, allowing one more shining and slow-moving wash before eventually making its way out to the glittering openness of the Caloosahatchee.

As an outdoor classroom, the Alliance ArtsPark and Water Wall are free and open to the public to explore and we can’t wait for it to give you a warm welcome.

Be sure to check out our Facebook page for minute-by-minute installation updates!

Water Wall Concept Pack →

“It is truly an honor being selected by the Alliance for the Arts as the artist to create a public sculpture for this inspiring Fort Myers organization,” says artist Michael Singer. “My hope is the Caloosahatchee Water Wall sculpture becomes a distinguishing work of art for the Alliance while also providing the larger community with an understanding of interconnections between very special natural water systems of the Caloosahatchee River as well as our responsibility to take on damaging environmental human impacts. My hope is that this Water Wall sculpture motivates positive actions that will address complex water quality issues in the region.”

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