Are you ready for the 2019 Hurricane Season?

Are you ready for the 2019 Hurricane Season?

Meteorologists are predicting 13 storms or depressions for the next Hurricane Season (June 1- Dec 1). They are also predicting 5 named storms and 2 major Hurricanes to hit somewhere on the Eastern Seaboard.
While there is no need to panic, we have all learned some valuable lessons after Irma. Check your current Homeowner’s policies to make sure you know what coverages you have. Make sure that the Dwelling Coverage is sufficient to replace your home in the event of a Total Loss. Also make sure that you have adequate coverage on your belongings. See if you have Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value. Double check coverages for your fences, sheds and pool cages. Know what your deductibles are. You most likely have a deductible for any Wind related claims and a separate deductible for everything else. Know where your current Declarations Page is and who your Agent is. This is imperative in the event of a claim.
Another item to check is to make sure your current Mortgage Company information is correct. Maybe you paid off the loan? Maybe your Mortgage was sold?
Have you recently had a change in property ownership? Has a Property Owner recently passed away? Some people don’t realize that an Insurance policy does not belong to the Property, it belongs to the Policy Holder.
Make sure that debris is removed from your yard. Get any trees near the house or power lines trimmed. Make sure your shed and fence are sturdy and don’t have any loose boards or siding.
It is hard for anyone to make an inventory list of everything that is inside your home. My suggestion is to take your smartphone or have a family member assist you if you don’t have one, Stand in the middle of a room with the video turned on and do a slow circle so you can see all items in that room. Continue on to the next room and so on. You can also do this with your garage and your shed. If you can, download these videos to a cd or email them to yourself for safe keeping. This trick should be updated annually. Keep receipts (especially for big ticket items) in a fire proof box or keep them in an off-site location such as a safety deposit box or a family members home.

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