AUDITION: Aug 25 & 26 For The Sept 11 Staged Reading Series Event

Southwest Florida Meets the World
Center for Performing Arts Bonita Springs | 10150 Bonita Beach Road | 239-495-8989 |

August 25 & 26, 6:00pm

September 1 through 10, 2020—No more than 3 rehearsals will be scheduled for each play done in the READING format, not including final run-through on September 10, when ALL are called.  There will be up to 5 rehearsals (plus final dress) for plays that will be performed: Looking for Love at the Blue Martini and The Paleo Diet are being considered as “performed” instead of read.

September 11, 2020
Seeking 22 roles:  10 men, 7 women, and 5 either.  Age range from 18-80.  All types needed.
We will schedule auditions as best as possible.  Please request your preferred date and time in advance via email at  We will continue to allow walk-ins, always, but we will accommodate scheduled actors first. Please bring a headshot and resume, if you have one.  Sides will be emailed on August 24 by 5:00 pm to those actors who have signed up for an appointment time.

Currency Press by Alex Broun
Cole has done something bad. Very bad. He’s kidnapped Cerise. But she deserved it! Right? He sent her his play six months and three weeks ago and she never even responded. Convincing her it’s good enough to publish is only the start of Cole’s problems.

  • COLE—a playwright
  • CERISE— publisher of plays

D’Nile by Leslie Sanderson and Deborah Williams **
New board member and alien Bobbye meets with the D’Nile Company management team. Checking the soul of Earth, Bobbye and the Commander are disappointed.

  • ROGER—White man, chairman of committee and wants to get the task done.
  • CLINT—White man, somewhat liberal
  • MORGAN—White man, an ass, wears a baseball cap backwards
  • BOBBYE—Alien, large and androgenous, olive green skin, has a strange “alien” voice, perhaps falsetto, carries a cane.
  • COMMANDER—Either gender, has a strange “alien” voice, off stage voice (CLINT, MORGAN or ROGER could play the part of Commander.)

Dostoyevsky by Jonathan Josephson
Office nemeses argue over who rises up in the company, only one of them gets caught doing something sexual at his computer.  Now it’s time to call the boss!

  • RJ—male, late 20s, clean cut and trying to get ahead
  • CLINT—male, late 20s, not afraid to beg, borrow and sleaze his way to the top
  • MR. D—male 50s-60s, the boss who has great taste in literature

Looking for Love at the Blue Martini by Don Fox **
A middle-aged relationship-challenged man looks for love at an iconic bar in paradise.

  • DAN—40s+, a middle-aged relationship-challenged man
  • BRIAN—40s+, his friend and wingman
  • SERENITY—20s-40s+, a great bartender
  • WOMAN—30s+, attractive

On the Sidelines by Guy Newsham **
A soccer Mom and a soccer Dad tackle their sons, their spouses, and each other.

  • STEPH—woman, 40-ish, mother of a boy on one of the soccer teams—iPhone
  • JEFF—man, 40-ish, father of a boy on the other soccer team—Android phone

The Paleo Diet by Shawn Ryan **
Cavemen argue over the merits of a meat diet versus a plant diet.

  • CAVEMAN 120s-40s, animal skin clothing
  • CAVEMAN 2—20s-40s, animal skin clothing
  • SLIM—20s-40s, plant-based clothing, smaller/thinner than other Cavemen
  • CAVEWOMAN—20s-40s

Unreasonable Situations by Lindsey Brown **
Sometimes a park bench can offer you the opportunity to hide from life, but it will only ever be temporary. A woman is about to learn this lesson the hard way, with a bit of help from the law.

  • LORIN—female, mid 30s, well dressed and slightly tipsy from an evening out
  • POLICE OFFICER KENT—30s-50s, working the night shift.

**World Premieres

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