Author, Educator, Entrepreneur—Get To Know Violinist Rachel Cox

The ample artistry of Rachel Cox

A century ago, the grandfather of violinist & violist Rachel Cox owned land and a business in fledgling Fort Myers. The last parcel of land was sold in 2003 and Rachel, together with her mother, Martha Cox—a trumpeter and pianist—took a portion of the proceeds and jointly started a music scholarship at FGCU. This venture eventually led to the formation of the Bower School of Music. Rachel is the youngest of six children from a very musical family. She has two older sisters who live in Holland and have performed in orchestras under Edo de Wart and Jaap van Zweden. Another sister is a member of the Atlanta Symphony. Her brother is both a cellist and composer. He is presently a professor at the same college where their father, a doctor of history, and an author, also taught.

Interestingly, Rachel has authored more than five books—both fiction and non-fiction on Ohio history—available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. Rachel also wrote and presented the 2019 Majors for Minors String Quartet narration for our school ensemble visits.

After securing a Viola Performance degree from New England Conservatory and a Master’s in Business Administration, Rachel moved to Cape Coral in 1998. She was attracted to the area’s growth and development, having grown up spending time there and on Sanibel Island. Since that time, Rachel has been a member of the Southwest Florida Symphony Orchestra, holding the positions of principal viola, acting assistant and principal second violin, and acting assistant concertmaster.

As an instructor, she is presently working with the FGCU Renaissance Academy and the FGCU Foundation to record classes due to the quarantine restrictions. Other recording propositions include a multi-year recording project of the music of women composers, black composers, and American composers.

For the SWFLSO’s 50th anniversary in 2011, Rachel compiled a thorough and interesting history of the Southwest Florida Symphony. It is available to read and enjoy in the symphony office.

Rachel Cox playing

Here, Rachel performs Hymn to Saint Cecilia by Charles Gounod. Rachel, thanks for all of your contributions to the Southwest Florida Symphony and to our community! Our patrons will enjoy Rachel’s multi-faceted gifts when we launch Season 59 1/2.


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