Ave Maria School Of Law: ‘Seeking Remote Legal Practice Opportunities’

Covid-19 has created challenges for all of us; you, your organization, law students and recent graduates. In an attempt to facilitate collaboration, Ave Maria School of Law is encouraging and seeking remote legal practice opportunities in the fall for our students and the recent graduates of the Class of 2020. There are several opportunities for remote collaboration, including:

  • An unpaid student externship (semester-long)
  • An unpaid pro bono internship (semester-long)
  • An unpaid pro bono project (short-term)
  • A paid student internship
  • A paid student project (short-term)
  • A paid graduate project (temporary)
  • A paid graduate position

 If you would like more information on how we can incorporate students into your organization remotely, please fill out the information at the link below, and I will contact you shortly. 

Yes, I am interested in hosting a law student or graduate.

Thank you. And stay well! 

Jennifer Lucas-Ross, Esq.
Associate Dean for Professional Development & Alumni Affairs
Ave Maria School of Law
1025 Commons Circle
Naples, FL 34119
Tel: (239) 687-5351

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