Benefits of Buying Meat from a Butcher

provided by Xpress Meat Market

Have you ever felt lost in a sea of pre-sliced and packaged meats when going to a supermarket, not finding the exact cut or size you wanted, asked for help from an inexperienced worker being paid minimum wage to stack pre-packaged and frozen meats only to have them look back at you with a clueless look? Next time go to a butcher shop and experience the difference.

Butcher shops have always been around. They are where Irish go to get supplies for Haggis, where Brazilians go to get chicken hearts, and where mom goes to buy liver.

Butchering is an art, so it is a given that butchers want only to offer the best. They would never risk tainting the flavor of their art with chemicals. Plus, butchers are constantly resupplying their products, so instead of buying a treated product to endure a longer shelf life, you will be buying the freshest and most natural cuts.

Because butchers are constantly around meats, if you ask your local butcher where the meat he/she is selling came from, they will probably give you the name of the exact farm, as well as tell you about the daily routine of the animals. They know everything from the care of the animals to the best way to prepare fresh cuts. Butchers are there to cater to you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you want a thicker cut, just ask and it will be done. If you want your meat grounded, just ask and it will be done. Wondering the best way to prepare your fresh cut? Just ask. And who knows, they might just tell you your new favorite recipe!

What can you expect from a butcher shop? Excellence. Don’t settle for less. The next time you go to buy fresh cuts of meat, treat yourself to a quality experience and visit your local butcher shop!

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