Southwest Florida Symphony: Brazil’s Loss, Our Gain

Davi Martinelli de Lira joined the Southwest Florida Symphony Orchestra in 2018. This was after performing during our 2017 Holiday Pops concerts and becoming motivated “as never before” by our great musicians and audience. “As a percussionist, I am expected to play an extensive variety of percussion instruments, which can go from the classical bass drum, cymbals, and triangle to unusual instruments such as whistle, flower pots, and metal sheets. With all the different techniques and sound possibilities, I am always learning new things about my instruments and experimenting with new ideas. That is the best thing of being a percussionist!”

Originally from Brazil, Davi has performed in several countries of the Americas including Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and Canada. He recently finished a degree from Lynn University and was delighted and surprised to reunite with another SWFLSO musician from his youth orchestra days in Brazil. They played together almost 10 years ago and now are colleagues again. Small music world, indeed, and our large gain! Below, Davi plays Bach, Lute Suite in E minor – Allemande (on Marimba). Hear him live this season as he performs with the Southwest Florida Symphony.


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