CARES Act Application Process starts Tuesday May 26

These times are unprecedented in our lifetime and it continues to be a crisis for many in our community. 

The Federal Government by act of Congress has allocated CARES Act (Coronavirus Relief Funds) to Lee County.  These funds are to be used for expenditures and costs that have occurred as a result of COVID19. 

Lee County staff has established a plan and approved by the Board of County Commissioners to disperse these funds to those most in need in our community.  The County has launched the website  I hope that you share this resource with individuals and businesses in need of financial aid during this time. 

Lee County received close to $134 million in total that must be used by December 31.  For this phase that begins on Tuesday, May 26, 2020 close to $57 million is allocated.

Again, applications will be accepted beginning on Tuesday! 


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