Caring For Lehigh Acres’ Transportation And Infrastructure – Preparing For The Future!

By Mike Welch

Most of us are aware of the extensive work that is taking place with the multi-laning of SR82. Imagine the engineering, the planning and the work that has been taking place to turn an old farm road built on and along massive muck pits well into Hendry County. Under the foundation of the new roadway large piping is being laid to handle the millions of gallons of storm water that will flow into the Lehigh Municipal District’s canal and storm water system. Who doesn’t look with amazement during rainy season the massive lakes that develop on each side of 82 along the Lehigh boundary? Above all we hope and pray that this new and expanded SR82 will end the terrible string of death and injury that we have witnessed over the years. Additionally the partnership of the Florida Department of Transportation, Lee County Government and the Lehigh Acres Municipal District for these segments has helped to accelerate this project. FDOT estimates that this segment to the Hendry line will be completed by end of next year.
That said Lehigh Acres Municipal District Commissioner Katy Hoover offers us another article that the District is working on the protection and maintenance of our community’s 22 bridges. Since Commissioner Hoover’s article about the bridges in last month’s Voices of Lehigh I have received several comments from readers who were shocked and surprised that the District owns and has responsibility for the bridges and not Lee County or the State of Florida DOT.
This responsibility for the bridges was established with the previous District known as the East County Water Control District when Lehigh was a company town initially developed by the Lehigh Corporation. The Legislature in its enabling act of 2015 establishing the Municipal District abolished the old East County Water Control District and assigning its responsibilities to the new Municipal District. As these bridges age repair and ultimately renovation and replacement has to be considered. Please read Commissioner Hoover’s article and give her a call at the District at 239-368-0044 for questions and comments.

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