Conducting Insights #24: What’s It Like To Be A Conductor?

Stay-At-Home Musical Suggestions#24 From the Southwest Florida Symphony

Until circumstances allow us to meet again, please enjoy these wonderful links and sites full of amazing orchestral music and activities! Who will you listen with?

Conducting is like holding a small bird in your hand. If you hold it too tightly, you crush it. If you hold it too loosely, it flies away.
Charles Hazlewood quoting conductor Sir Colin Davis

Enjoy these insights and observations from various conductors and musicians about the realities of performing and interpreting great music,and how those skills apply to our everyday lives

Click on the link to enjoy:

  • Itay Talgam,conductor- TED Talk “Lead Like the Great Conductors”
    Enjoy this sought-after Israeli conductor’s humorous analysis on six famous 20th-Century conductors’ styles (Muti, von Karajan, Bernstein), and how these observations can be applied in inspired leadership practices
  • Benjamin Zander, conductor- TED Talk “The Transformative Power of Classical Music”
    With much audience participation and humor, Zander uses Chopin’s Piano Prelude no. 4 to enthusiastically inspire and enchant his listeners with an insightful outline of the composition, and how itmakes us think and feel, and therefore, live.We bring the stage to you,in all its irreplaceable splendor!
  • Charles Hazlewood, conductor- TED Talk “Trusting The Ensemble”
    With his Scottish Ensemble joining him onstage, and clips from his Paraorchestra (utilizing players with disabilities)and his South African opera company’s performance and street filming of Bizet’s Carmen, Hazlewood “dusts off and invigorates classical music,”discussing trust in the role of musical leadership.Watch ’til the end for Haydn’s poignant and timely’Farewell’ Symphony.
  • “Maestro”- Documentary
    This full-length (82 min) captivating documentary follows internationally acclaimed Estonian conductor Paavo Järvi (above)around the globe as he fulfills his many roles as a conductor,sharing his talent and wisdom along with illustrious friends and colleagues such as Joshua Bell and Hilary Hahn.Bookmark this one for movie night, grab a glass of wine,and really experience the heart, mind, and spirit of the classical music world.Photo: Kaupo Kikkas

Can you imagine our lives without this magnificent music? Enjoying these with your students or children? Let me hear from you!

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