Coronavirus in Florida latest: More Hillsborough deaths, pricey unemployment fix

Coronavirus in Florida latest: More Hillsborough deaths, pricey unemployment fix

This illustration provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows the 2019 novel coronavirus. [AP] Every Florida county but one now has at least one novel coronvirus case, and Hillsborough County logged two more deaths, data released Thursday shows. The number of cases in the state continues to increase exponentially. Here’s a closer look at how the numbers are trending so far, with helpful graphs to show how Florida’s curve compares to other states. Millions more for unemployment system The effort to improve Florida’s broken unemployment has been expensive. The state in the last few weeks signed two contracts totaling nearly $100 million to bring on people to answer calls flooding the system. ONE St. Peteresburg condo patient dies, email says A resident of the ONE St. Petersburg condominium tower who was diagnosed with COVID-19 last month has apparently died, according to an email sent to residents of a downtown condominium building. Challenges for locked-down nursing homes Nursing homes have become fortresses to limit the spread of coronavirus and that’s hard on residents, loved ones and employees alike. Traffic tickets down Millions of vehicles are remaining parked in Florida and police agencies making fewer traffic stops, helping reduce the number of traffic tickets issued in March by a whopping 92 percent compared to the same month in 2019. Pasco city elections postponed Gov. Ron DeSantis has postponed the city elections in Dade City, San Antonio and Zephyrhills amid concerns about the coronavirus pandemic. Job-hunting advice from those who’ve been there Job seekers trying to find employment right now might glean some helpful advice from these 10 people who found themselves job hunting during the Great Recession. Easter during a pandemic Churches, restaurants and neighborhoods in the Tampa Bay area have figured out ways to partake in the […]

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