Customized Prescriptions with Compounding at ApothiCare 360

Submitted By: Deanna Catalano

In the present day of big box stores and huge pharmacy chains, it is difficult to remember that your hometown pharmacy was once locally owned and located downtown on a prominent corner. There you would find a pharmacist who could provide you exactly what your doctor prescribed, even if it was written for a customized formulation. You knew and trusted your pharmacist because you, your family and your friends and neighbors had been served by this pillar of the community consistently for years. With ApothiCare 360 those days need not be a thing of the past.

At ApothiCare 360, owners Joe and Deanna Catalano offer the same services provided by these pharmacies and more. But what sets them apart from the big chain pharmacies and box stores is their ability to provide customized compounded formulations that meet the individual needs of patients whether they be human or animal.

Prescription compounding is the process of producing a customized pharmaceutical product to fit the unique needs of a patient. To do this, compounding pharmacists use formulas and recipes to combine or process appropriate ingredients using various techniques, equipment, and tools.

Compounding is quickly becoming more common in all fields of healthcare. For instance, ApothiCare 360 offers customized compounded formulations for hormone restoration, veterinary, dermatology, ears nose and throat, autoimmune diseases, thyroid, topical pain management, mold detoxification, dental and many other fields as well.

Deanna states that ApothiCare 360 is looking to change the way people view pharmacy today. The Catalano’s are working closely with local physicians and specialists to develop innovative therapies to treat many of the problems and conditions that you cannot treat with readily available products. As Joe says, “There is nothing over the counter or is readily available that can compare to these compounded treatments.”

Compounding offers may solutions to many issues. Some of the most impressive success stories are from Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. BHRT replaces important hormones that the body stops producing with age. This treatment is very personal and specific to each patient. Women have been turning to BHRT for years especially those experiencing the symptoms of menopause. However, an increasing number of men have been benefiting from this kind of treatment and while the treatment plans for men and women differ dramatically, BHRT is increasing the quality of life for both women and men.

Compounding is becoming increasingly popular as many physicians are recognizing the benefits of customized treatments for their patients. Medication therapy is definitely not a one size fits all concept. Being able to formulate customized prescriptions to the specific needs of the patient allows for better compliance and success in treatment. Being able to work with physicians and providing solutions demonstrates the bright horizons for compounding and ApothiCare 360. As Joe relates, “ People discover that compounding is a great way to take control of their own healthcare.”

The Catalano’s invite you to stop in and get acquainted with them at their location at 6631 Orion Dr. Suite 112, Fort Myers, FL. They also invite you to visit their website at or call at 239-690-7700.

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