Dear Annie: Friend heads to Florida for vacation, despite ‘stay at home’ orders

Dear Annie: Friend heads to Florida for vacation, despite ‘stay at home’ orders

Annie Lane writes the Dear Annie advice column. Dear Annie: My best friend had planned a vacation to visit friends in Florida for several weeks. Despite being asked to stay home by our nation’s health care advisers, to stop the spread of coronavirus, she and her husband went on their vacation. When I told her, I couldn’t believe they were still going, she said, “Well, at least we’ll be in warm weather.” I consider it extremely irresponsible and dangerous that my friend and her husband disregarded the directive to cancel all nonessential travel to keep everyone safe. People throughout the country are stepping up, making the necessary sacrifices and staying home as we’ve been asked to do — and is often mandated now. I have four of the preexisting conditions that could make getting the virus very deadly. I am so furious at my friend and her husband for their reckless choice. How do I deal with my anger toward my friend and save this friendship? — Angry in New England Dear Angry in New England: You have every right to be angry with your friend. According to the experts, to slow the spread of the virus and not overwhelm our hospitals and medical staff, who are working ’round the clock, we must all do our part and stay home. Everyone wants a warm-weather vacation. In normal times, I would say, yes, go take that well-earned holiday. But these are unprecedented times, and we all must stay home. Now you seem to be a very responsible citizen and already know that. I’m guessing that your friend is running scared. She doesn’t want to deal with the anxiety of what is going on in the world and thinks she can escape to Florida. It was a poor decision. That said, […]

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