Lehigh Acres – East Lee County Reflects On July 4th Amidst Community And National Pandemic

By Mike Welch

At this writing, COVID19 infections are climbing at an alarming rate in Florida and Southwest Florida including our community is a recognized hot zone. Our neighbors to the east in Eastern Collier County are showing some of the most alarming infection rates in the nation. The infections in Lehigh Acres are climbing. Learning from the experiences of some of the Northern states who were first to feel the brunt of this killer disease, such measures as distancing, masks, restricted activities have brought these communities to now low levels. Some cities and jurisdictions in Florida now require masks while in public. No doubt locally we will have conversations regarding more measures. In the meantime, we are now in Phase 2 of reopening with most businesses now able to open with restrictions. That these opening remain in place depends on each one of us and our responsibility to not only protect ourselves but also protecting others around us. Our collective behavior will determine the course of the disease. For more information please see www.leegov.com


Florida’s August 13 Primary fast approaches and many voters will opt for a mail in ballot. Its not too late to ask for a mail in ballot. Please see www.lee.vote or call 239-533-8683. Florida is a closed primary so only declared members of either the Republican or Democratic parties are allowed to vote in the primary. Also, the first round of voting will take place for open Lee County School District Board seats. Local Board seats for the Lehigh Acres Fire District and for the Lehigh Acres Municipal Services Improvement District will be decided in November. At the Primary – a referendum will be considered for changing the Lehigh Fire District Assessment.


This election cycle will no doubt see a stream of malicious and nasty communications, websites and emails emanating from a well-known criminal who operates a number of websites and fake political action committees. Libelous Face Book entries are part of the game. Smearing the reputations of others is a sport of this person and those in our community that work with him. I will not mention his name, but long time Lehigh residents know him well. Currently he is on felony probation with the Department of Corrections in Polk County after his release from jail but continues to run his websites with an attempt to cause disruption. To date he has failed to serious make restitution to his victims per Court Order.


Dave Deetscreeek throws his hat in the ring for Lehigh Acres Municipal Services Improvement District Board Seat #2. A well thought of community leader, he offers an article on “Why Am I Running for Local Office”.


Our other articles are offered by Sheriff Carmine Marcene, Commissioner Ray Sandelli as well as Mayor Kevin Ruane. These leaders are well known in Lehigh and they are no stranger to us.

Wishing you and your family a safe July 4th. Do not forget we are in Hurricane season. Be safe!

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