Florida gun sales surge in March

Florida gun sales surge in March

The 53-page filing by Florida Carry argued not getting a solid yes or no within 24 hours has deprived people of their constitutional right to own a gun. (MGN) By: Jake Stofan | Capitol News Service April 2, 2020 TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CNS) — Guns purchases in Florida peaked in the middle of the month as the coronavirus fears gained momentum, and more guns were sold in March than any March in the last decade. Dallas, who didn’t want to give us her last name, is a first time gun buyer. “I believe in the second amendment, and the right to protect yourself,” said Dallas. And while she says it isn’t all about the virus, sales at Kevin’s in the state’s capital peaked in mid-March and have been steady since. “It is another factor that makes me think, ‘Should I be prepared if someone were to come and infringe on my rights,’” said Dallas. “It’s a lot of first time buyers. People just wanting to protect themselves I think. They don’t know the outcome that lives in the future and just trying to get ahead of things. Supplies are drying up a little bit,” said Brandon Long, the gun manager at Kevin’s. Bill and Jeanette Busby aren’t first time buyers, nor are they preppers. “We’re going to go to the range and practice, and give her a little safety with it. But we’re not real big in guns,” said Bill. “I think its time, and I need to get in there and learn how,” said Jeanette. And it’s not just guns. Ammunition is flying off the shelves. Two men who wished to remain anonymous told us they live in a remote area and were stocking up on ammo just in case they had to start hunting for meat. “I guess […]

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