Florida men help foster families amid coronavirus: ‘Just a way to bless them’

Florida men help foster families amid coronavirus: ‘Just a way to bless them’

Get all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox. Sign up here. A group of men in Florida are on a special mission to help foster families . Man Up Tampa Bay, a faith -based men’s group, has picked up and delivered chicken tenders to more than 220 foster families. MISSISSIPPI GROUP PRAYS FOR HOSPITAL STAFF, PATIENTS DURING LUNCH BREAK “It’s just a way to bless them and serve them a nice hot meal,” Jeff Ford, one of the men, told FOX 13 . “We believe that foster parents are unsung heroes because they are taking in these kids.” A faith-based Florida group of men is helping out foster families in a special way. (Man Up Tampa Bay) The group of 60 men have been volunteering and asking others to join them. TEXAS PASTOR PUTS CHURCH MEMBERS’ FACES ON PEWS: ‘LITTLE CHURCH WITH A BIG HEART’ “We just think that Jesus wants us to act and not just talk,” Ford said. “So that’s what we are doing out here in the community. We’re acting on behalf of the kids. We’re acting on behalf of the foster parents.” Children hold up “Thank you Man Up” signs after the group has been helping foster families amid the coronavirus pandemic. (Must Credit Man Up Tampa Bay) PDQ, a fast-food chicken restaurant, has been giving a discount to Man Up Tampa Bay to help with the effort. “The kids deserve better and that’s what we are trying to do make their lives a little better,” PDQ’s Jeff Kamis told the FOX affiliate.

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