From Cuba To Spain To Southwest Florida Comes A Distinctively Beautiful Gift

Lovely notes from Nora.

Section violinist and orchestra librarian Nora Lastre joined the Southwest Florida Symphony Orchestra in 2015 from Cuba, Spain and Boca Raton.

Her violin, which has a “beautiful, warm and deep sound,” is very old Italian from the 18th century by an unknown maker.

One of several couples, Nora met her SWFLSO board-member husband, Joe, after a Sanibel Island Small Stage Symphony Concert her first season here. Currently, they are enjoying extra stay-at-home time with their ten-month-old son, Ben.

Below, Nora rocks the first movement from Bach’s Double Violin Concerto while studying in Spain in 2012. Be sure to listen for the uniquely “beautiful, warm and deep sound” of Nora’s violin when the Southwest Florida Symphony’s season begins!


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