Growth And Infrastructure Expansion Of Lehigh Acres

By Commissioner Ray Sandelli

As Lehigh Acres and Southwest Florida continue grow, working to improve our infrastructure to keep up with demand is of utmost importance. Recently, I was honored to participate in the ribbon cutting as we celebrated the dedication of the expansive work to Homestead Rd. I stated that building roads takes “time, money and patience,” which it does but at the end of the day the benefit to our community is immeasurable.

After two and a half years and $14 million dollars, the project was completed, and we sincerely thank the project team for their efforts and the community for their patience.

The project is a major improvement to this important corridor, which we expect will serve to promote the next generation of commercial and retail development, all to better serve a growing residential community and provide additional job opportunities. Lehigh has the local employment base to meet a variety of needs, and it is our responsibility at the county level to ensure we connect our people with every potential opportunity they deserve to insure a bright future for all.

As part of the larger plan, this is another key element to connecting to better traffic movement south to the expanding SR 82 corridor. Better connectivity is always a key factor as businesses assess where to locate to best serve their customers. Connectivity also serves to save all of us time in our daily commute.

In today’s economy, strategic planning and responsible financial practices are crucial to navigating our way to sustained financial footing in wake of the pandemic. I am proud of the work the county has done to ensure public projects are serving our residents in the best way possible, and I look forward to continuing to be a good steward of our tax dollars.

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