‘Gulf Coast Life Book Club’ Radio Show Airs Monthly

Fort Myers, FL  (Sept. 2, 2020) – WGCU reporter and host of “All Things Considered” Cary Barbor has created a show for readers and writers and anyone interested in books, to air the first Wednesday of each month on “Gulf Coast Life” at 1 p.m. It debuts today (Wednesday, Sept. 2).

In each 30-minute broadcast of “Gulf Coast Life Book Club,” Barbor will interview the authors of two books, one fiction and one nonfiction. She expects to share some timely publishing news, too, on occasion.

“There’s nothing I love more than talking to writers about their books,” Barbor said. “I look forward to sharing the candid conversations I’ll have with a wide range of writers on the Gulf Coast Life Book Club.”

The first “Book Club” show, on WGCU 90.1 FM and WMKO 91.7, features the writer of the nonfiction work “Becoming Duchess Goldblatt,” who remains anonymous. The title refers to the character that the writer created – a character who exists only on Twitter. The subsequent memoir tells the story of how her creation of the duchess helped her emerge from an emotional morass and befriend countless followers, among them singer-songwriter Lyle Lovett.

Barbor also interviews Lysley Tenorio, the author of “The Son of Good Fortune.” This novel tells the story of Excel, a young man growing up in San Francisco, and his mother Maxima, a martial artist who was a B-movie action star in the Philippines before they moved to the United States. Excel was born on the plane, mid-flight, as his mother immigrated. They are both undocumented, meaning one slip and their lives could be upended. 

“Even if you think you have an opinion about immigration and documentation, this book will open your eyes and your heart,” Barbor said.

Before joining the staff of WGCU, Barbor hosted the podcast “Books & Authors” and worked in public media in New York.


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