Happy Holidays And A Look Back At 2020

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By Commissioner Ray Sandelli

As we head into the holiday season we typically think about the many events of the past year and start to anticipate what the New Year will bring. Fact is, almost nothing about 2020 was ‘typical’!

The events of the year posed many challenges and answers seemed elusive at best. What exactly was this virus that came upon so quickly?
How were we to manage our personal and business lives through the financial pressures when the initial action was to shut down an economy that was flourishing? Was there a responsible balance between caring for our health, providing for our families, and getting back to work?

In spite of all of this, we learned in this time of challenge a lot about our community and ourselves. Neighbors reached out and rallied to support each other. Public and private companies in many cases retooled to adapt their own businesses and to help. CARES Act funding through our county team directed resources to meet needs as we moved to re-open, seeking purpose in each day and a sense of ‘normal’

I, along with my colleagues on the Board of County Commissioners are acutely aware of the needs and challenges of our communities in eastern Lee County – Lehigh Acres. COVID19 has brought so many dimensions of suffering, stress and even tragedy to our residents. In response, our Lee County Government continues mobilize and adjust.
We will see this through together.

In the midst of all this, our county continues to grow as others seeks life in the Sunshine State. New residents create demand for housing, goods and services. Many existing firms are expanding as we welcome companies both within and from out of state who are looking to locate to SWFL. The residential market remains strong and we have a number of new commercial facilities either under construction or in design and permitting. With that we have nearly 3,000 jobs in the fulfillment stages. There is light at the end of this tunnel!

So as we all look to turn the page on 2020, perhaps that old adage ‘that we learn more from adversity than success’ is in fact true. Lessons learned this year, no matter how hard, would in fact make us all stronger.

My family and I wish you and yours the very best for the forthcoming holidays and for the hope of good health and prosperity in the New Year!

If I can ever be of service, please contact my office at 239-533-2223 or dist3@leegov.com.

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