How A Trumpet Player Was Lured By Love

Brilliant bloke Alan Evans joined the Southwest Florida Symphony Orchestra after ten years with an orchestra in Spain’s Canary Islands. Love lured him from his European island gig when Alan and his wife (a violinist in the Sarasota Orchestra) relocated to the area in 1999 to be near her family.

“My first season here was very special as I had just arrived in the country and couldn’t quite believe I was playing in an orchestra so soon. But perhaps most of all, I think of the great friends I’ve made!”

Third Trumpet Alan was born in Manchester, UK and has, over the years, deftly covered all of the symphony’s trumpet positions using his preferred Vincent Bach Strad trumpets. He applies his London College of Music Performance Degree here as well as with orchestras in Sarasota and Columbia, MO, and frequently gets picked up for any national pop or Broadway tours that come through Florida.

Alan’s early exposure to music education through an in-tune instructor left a powerful and far-reaching impact. “I have very happy memories of playing the SWFLSO educational programs in the local schools for many years!” His early fascination with the trumpet led him and even two others from that class to become professional brass players!

A devoted teacher as well as a performer in our Majors for Minors school brass quintet, Alan continues to maintain his private and school studios online. Cheers to that long-ago inspiring teacher, and cheers to Alan for so generously continuing to ‘pay it forward.’

When not in tux or tails, Alan enjoys walking and biking, is an aviation and space fan, and follows numerous favorite teams. He is a lifelong fan of Manchester United (soccer), as well as following local teams—the Buccaneers (football), Rays (baseball) and Lightning (hockey)—while still following his old soccer team in Tenerife (perhaps he did leave some of his heart in Spain after all!) But Alan is no staid British gent, observing from the sidelines with a pint.

“I met my best friend in a London pub and after a while the conversation went to crazy things to do and he mentioned parachuting. I said ‘that would be fun to do someday,’ so he slapped a paper on the table and said ‘sign here, we’re going next weekend!’ So now Alan has jumped out of two perfectly good airplanes. See if you can spy our very own James Bond onstage once Season 59 1/2 is underway!

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