Lehigh Acres! We’re All In This Together! Lehigh Pulls Together To Combat COVID-19

Mike Welch

By Mike Welch

At this writing what is said may no longer be the case in a national/worldwide crisis that very few have ever seen in their lifetime. Yet with all the dark news and developments that comes in almost hourly – remember, we all have each other, and we depend on each other to care for the health and safety of those souls around us. Government and community organizations are doing their part.

Further restrictions are coming! Sacrifice and yes, tragedy may be around the corner. Despite the dark news – great acts of charity and kindness abound. You don’t have to look far.

In the month’s Voices of Lehigh, I ask you to carefully read Lee County Commissioner Ray Sandelli’s column. He implores us to get your UpToDate news and information from the County website at www.leegov.com. In addition, pay attention to government directives on restrictions. The more citizens who cooperate the faster the restrictions will be relaxed as well as the need to have even tighter restrictions.

For the business community the East Lee County Chamber of Commerce (formally the Greater Lehigh Acres Chamber) has a new website and at anyone’s fingertips can access the latest on state and federal assistance. The site will be constantly updating as information is sent to us from Washington and Tallahassee. Please see www.elccoc.org. Additionally, please don’t hesitate to contact the Chamber at 239-369-3322. I also have the privilege of leading the Chamber currently and invite our members and friends to help each other especially during this time.

Our Sheriff Carmine Marceno will become a new columnist in Voices of Lehigh and I invite you to read his thoughts regarding illegal dumping. The Sheriff informs me that he and his department are thinking of us and are committed to the general welfare of our residents during this time. Please call the Sheriff at 239-477-1000.

As Passover and Easter fall come to us soon wishing you all a safe season!

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