Lehigh Municipal District Procedes with Comprehensive Plan For Community’s 22 Bridges

BY: Mike Welch
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Did you know that the Lehigh Acres Municipal Services Improvement District owns and has jurisdiction over some 22 bridges throughout our community? Yes, it’s the Lehigh Municipal District that owns them – not Lee County Government. When I bring this up to citizens, they are generally surprised to find out that the District owns the bridges and therefore is responsible for the maintenance, repair, renovation and if needed, replacement.
Over the years efforts by legislators who represented our community have brought up the idea that the County take over the bridges. Needless to say, Lee County Government is not interested. Given that reality our Board of Commissioners must look to the future and recognize that these bridges are getting older, they are in need of repair at times and that eventually some and in the end all of them will see their lifespan come to an end and therefore – replacement.
However, the District’s maintenance teams do a great job maintaining our bridges. Of course, as our community continues to grow more stress is placed on them. Additionally, the District must be prepared in the event of a hurricane that it has the resources and a plan in case of damage and destruction.
Commissioner Katy Hoover of the District along with Carla Brantley offer an article on behalf of the District explaining our bridge assets.
Please give the District a call as I am sure they will be glad to address your questions and suggestions.
Office: (239) 368-0044 | Email: cbrantley@la-msid.com


At this writing the voters of the Lehigh Acres Fire District were asked on the June 4th Special Election to approve a new methodology for collecting fees from property owners. After what seemed to be a contentious atmosphere on social media the following results: There are 51,117 eligible voters.
A total of 3,417 ballots were cast so voter turnout was 6.68%. 1,892 voted NO or 55.40%.

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