Man catches 33-inch fish off Florida coast using Publix fried chicken as bait

Man catches 33-inch fish off Florida coast using Publix fried chicken as bait

One “Florida boy” visiting home from Georgia might just become an honorary Florida Man, after catching a 33-inch snook off the Tampa coast – using only Publix fried chicken as bait. He earned double points by ignoring social-distancing rules in the process. A Savannah, Georgia, film production company posted a video to their Facebook page on Sunday, showing their president reeling in the nearly three-foot-long fish off the coast outside of Tampa Bay. As he hauled in his catch, onlookers from other boats could be seen congregating around the man. “Fried chicken! Fried chicken!” a woman in the video exclaims from the boat, while the man is seen scooping up in the fish from waist-deep water. “Nothing but fried chicken.” “Did he hook the whole thing?” a man on the boat asks. The same woman responds, “no, just a piece of the fried chicken.” Later specifying it came from Publix, the poster refers to their unusual bait as “the state food of Florida.” “A little background to the story,” said the post’s caption. “The snook around this popular sandbar are known to not bite on ANYTHING. Well, being the Florida Boy JT is, he figured he’d try throwing the state food of Florida on the hook. 10 seconds later this happened…” The fisherman, 26-year-old John Taylor Timmons, was born in Tallahassee and graduated from FSU, before moving to Savannah to study design at SCAD and start Red Eye Film Productions in 2009. He runs the company with his CEO brother, Kewaan Kenneth Drayton, and his girlfriend, lead producer Madison Abernathy. They produced a documentary last year called I Will Not Say His Name , about an Annapolis police chief who refused to repeat the name of the mass shooter who killed five employees of Maryland’s Capital Gazette in 2018. […]

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