‘Mind your own business’: Central Florida church to hold in-person Sunday Service despite stay-at-home order

'Mind your own business': Central Florida church to hold in-person Sunday Service despite stay-at-home order

ORLANDO, Fla. – Despite the ongoing “stay-at-home” order, one Central Florida church will hold an in-person Sunday service. The Center Arena Church is set to have their usual Sunday service, even though someone last weekend called the police on them. Someone watching the church’s Facebook feed at home called and reported the church to law enforcement. However, the Orange County sheriff’s deputy that responded to the church did not feel it necessary to write a report. MORE NEWS: ‘Stay-at-home order’ begins in Florida: Here’s what you can do, what will be open, and more Nonetheless, deputies want to stress to anyone leading services that they are “urged to fully comply with all measures advised by the CDC.” This includes limiting gatherings to 10 people maximum and keep a social distance of six-feet between people. Florida’s stay-at-home order mandates that everyone must stay home except for essential errands and activities. The executive order for the mandate states that “attending religious services” is considered essential but must follow social distancing guidelines. MORE NEWS: Trump warns of rough week ahead: ‘There will be death’ However, the pastor at Center Arena Church told FOX 35 News that he runs a “healing ministry” and some of his parishioners need physical touch. “That’s what God has called on me to do. I am not defiant. I am obeying God. For the well of people that are desperate at this time. I am abiding as best I can with the regulations,” the pastor said. “Most of them that are complaining, don’t come here. So, what I would say to them is mind your own business.” Tune in to FOX 35 News for the latest coronavirus news.

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