Movers and Shakers Change the Music World – Stay-At-Home Musical Suggestions #26


Until circumstances allow us to meet again, please enjoy these wonderful links and sites full of amazing orchestral music and activities!

“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.”― Arthur O’Shaughnessy

One person can have a dream which will change and improve the world. These amazing and inspirational music lovers did just that. Click the link to enjoy.

  • Orchestra of Exiles
    In the dangerous and uncertain culture of 1930’s Europe, violinist Bronislaw Huberman bravely and determinedly moved and saved nearly 1000 Jewish musicians who had been fired from their jobs, creating the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, while also preserving Europe’s fast-eroding musical heritage. This is less concert and more documentary (1.5 hours), but such an amazing and inspirational story of the persistence of goodness.
  • El Sistema
    One Venezuelan visionary, José Antonio Abreu, uses his idea of music for intellectual and social change by resisting cultural, financial, and political obstacles to bring the impressive El Sistema music education system to the highest levels of achievement and international acclaim. Another remarkable documentary (1.5 hours with English subtitles) worth reflection.
  • Shostakovich- Symphony No. 10, Mvt. 2
    Hear El Sistema’s top Youth Orchestra led by this world- renown, dynamic conductor, L.A. Philharmonic Music Director, and El Sistema illustrious graduate, Gustavo Dudamel (pictured above). The Shostakovich is followed by the spirited Danzón No. 2 by Arturo Márquez.
  • Joe’s Violin
    When a NYC radio station and local music foundation team up for an instrument drive to rehome donations to the city’s music students, Joseph Feingold, a Holocaust survivor, donates his beloved violin and a talented 7th grader is selected as its new player. In this 20- minute documentary, we get to witness the emotional changing of the guard in this instrument’s history, and the infinite passage of the power of music. Get a tissue!
  • Landfill Harmonic
    In Paraguay, Favio Chávez saw opportunity where others saw a landfill. As a guitarist and choir director working in a recycle program, he decided to open a music school, which eventually became the global sensation, Recycle Orchestra of Cateura. “Children are often at risk of getting involved with drugs and gangs. The Orchestra has offered these kids and teenagers a new alternative to the life their parents had.” This documentary (1.5 hours, $4.99 on Amazon) follows the stories of a few orchestra members, their astounding instruments handmade using found “trash” by Nicholás Gómez (above), and their exposure to opportunities never before imagined. Amazing story!
  • Mozart- Concerto No. 5, Mvt. 1Sphinx Symphony Orchestra
    In 1997, Aaron P. Dwarkin founded The Sphinx Organization, a leading US arts organization with a mission of transforming lives through the power of diversity in the arts. Sphinx focuses on four program areas that develop and support diversity and inclusion in classical music at every level – Education & Access, Artist Development, Performing Artists, and Arts Leadership. Here, the unique all Black and Latinx orchestra comprised of top professionals from around the country performs with the 2015 Sphinx competition winner, Hannah White.
  • Bruch- Violin Concerto no. 1 in G MinorChineke! Orchestra
    “Championing change and celebrating diversity in classical music,” bassist Chi-chi Nwanoku founded the “profoundly necessary” Chineke!Foundation in 2015, increasing the representation of Black, Asian and ethnically diverse musicians in British and European orchestras. Here, enjoy a full-length concert with Samuel Coleridge-Taylor’s Othello Suite (a composer of mixed-race birth), Bruch’s Violin Concerto (17:00) with the incomparable Tai Murray, and Beethoven’s 7th Symphony (44:42) by this beautifully diverse and ultra-talented orchestra.

Take the time to enjoy these great reminders of all we love and miss hearing, until we can meet again safely at Southwest Florida Symphony live concerts!

Enjoying these with your students or children? Let me hear from you!

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