NCAA’s decision on NIL issue brought on by states like Florida moving ahead with own bills

NCAA’s decision on NIL issue brought on by states like Florida moving ahead with own bills

Tom D’Angelo @tomdangelo44 May 6, 2020 at 2:11 PM Miami Hurricanes athletic director Blake James believes a national policy will be adopted and the federal government could get involved As much as athletic directors and coaches around Florida would enjoy the recruiting advantages next year of working in a state that allows athletes to be compensated for their name, image and likeness, that obviously would not be what is best for the industry. So, knowing Florida has given final legislative approval to a bill that will help college athletes be compensated starting in July 2021 – and several other states soon will follow – the NCAA has taken the first step toward adopting rules to level that playing field. “That’s why I think there is going to be some type of national policy put in place,” Miami Hurricanes athletic director Blake James said. “Right now, with 34 states (having introduced NIL bills) that means 34 different versions of what this will look like and to not have everyone in the same association playing by the same set of rules I just don’t think will work. That’s why there’s a need for a national approach to this, which probably means getting federal government in this at the end of this day.” After years of standing firm against athletes being paid, the NCAA’s hand has been forced, knowing the states are moving ahead with their own legislation that will allow athletes be compensated through third parties. Now, commissioners, presidents and ADs will be talking over the next several months and the NCAA will start drafting proposals that will be up for vote in January. The details are yet to come but what we know so far: The initial report released last week says athletes can make money through endorsement deals or […]

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