New ‘Sanitizing Tunnel’ Could Mark Return Of Sports, Business In America

By Vinny Antonio

We’re approaching six months since COVID-19 forced our economy, and us, to pause.

Although most small businesses and restaurants have reopened, we still aren’t able to fully enjoy a ballgame, theatrical performance or Hollywood blockbuster in person.

Despite social distancing guidelines and growing acceptance of face masks, people still don’t feel comfortable venturing into crowds.

A new product is hitting the market, though, that could be the final element needed to bring back fans, worshippers, shoppers and travelers. Disinfect Group USA, a company launched this spring in Fort Myers, has begun manufacturing sanitizing tunnels that can be installed at entrances to schools, sports venues, mass transit stations, churches, airports, shopping centers, hotels, theaters, concert halls, theme parks, conference centers, casinos, office buildings and courthouses.

The sanitizing tunnels, which resemble X-ray machines at airports, emit a safe disinfecting mist on individuals and their personal belongings prior to entering a building. The sanitizing process takes about 30 seconds to completely destroy germs and viruses from the skin as well as items like cell phones, purses and car keys.

The dry fog is created from ingredients tested and approved by the EPA and FDA in their liquid forms. It uses electrolyzed water technology to create a nearly invisible mist that is all-natural, non-toxic, gentle on the skin and eyes, and does not damage clothing or belongings. Clinical lab results demonstrate it is scientifically proven to kill 99.99% of germs, viruses and bacteria. Additionally, the product scores all zeros on the OSHA-required Safety Data Sheet, indicating ingredients are non-hazardous and non-toxic, as well as bleach and alcohol free.

Tunnels can be outfitted with thermal heat sensors that accurately detect an individual’s body temperature, as well as digital capacity counters that track a venue’s occupancy.

Disinfect Group USA also offers mobile disinfection units, sanitizing walls, sanitizing stations, thermal cameras and conveyor belt tunnels that sanitize personal items and equipment.

It’s clear we just aren’t quite there when it comes to a full return to normalcy. Face mask policies alone don’t do it. Adding social distancing markers on the floor won’t do it, either. But if everyone who enters a facility goes through the same screening process – temperature checks and a sanitization process – we can feel more comfortable being around each other.

To date, sanitizing tunnels have been exhibited just twice in North America, once in Bonita Springs and once in Orlando. It’s exciting to know that a group of young entrepreneurs right here in Southwest Florida could play a role in the safe reopening of stadiums, arenas, concert halls and other venues across the country.


Vinny Antonio, of Fort Myers, is president of Disinfect Group USA, a company that provides commercial sanitizing solutions to clients across North America. For more information, please visit or call 239-234-2822.

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