On Behalf Of The 20th Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission:

The following individuals have applied with the 20th Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission for nomination to the Circuit Court. The vacancy results from the retirement of Circuit Judge George Richards.

Kimberly Davis Bocelli
Christopher H. Brown
Karla Y. Campos-Andersen
James Wesley Chandler
Maria I. Dente
John William Dommerich, Jr.
Amy Wilson Ellis
Guy Alan Flowers
Hon. Zachary M. Gill
Jennifer S. Gutmore
Sara Frances Hall
Robert F. Koch
Steven S. Leskovich
James D. Molenaar
Richard Frank Myers
Hon. Tara Pascotto Paluck
Gilberto Perez
Michael-Anthony Pica
Michael Garland Powell
Leah Meshelle Snyder
James Frederick Stewart
Abraham R. Thornburg

The Commission seeks comment regarding the qualifications of all the applicants from the public, and members of the Bench and Bar. Comments may be provided to any commission member.

All written correspondence directed to the Commission must be submitted via e-mail jnc20thcircuit@gmail.com in PDF format. Letters submitted in any other manner will be disgarded.

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