Ranking Florida’s 2020 roster by position

Ranking Florida's 2020 roster by position

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Though we likely aren’t going to get the luxury of watching Florida go through a normal spring practice to start to form our opinions on how the Gators stack up heading into the 2020 season, we still have a pretty good idea what UF is working with. Florida has plenty of veterans at just about every position. That proven production allows us to quantify some baseline expectations, but what about the unproven spots or positions with questionable depth. Well, we put together a way to take a look at just how strong each position is, relative to the others. We took three different factors into account at each position and graded it on a 1-5 scale, with half-point intervals considered. Judging the unit’s front line players (starters and key backups), overall talent and depth, we combined the grades to form a total score. Then we looked at how each position came out. Here’s our ranking of Florida’s position groups, from weakest to strongest, heading into 2020. Front Line: 3.0 Overall Talent: 3.5 Depth: 4.0 Total: 10.5 The lack of quality front-line talent is really the biggest issue, and it’s one of the reasons the group struggled a year ago. The depth has really been shored up on the unit, but most of it is young. Until some of those younger players with a higher ceiling in terms of athleticism, frame and talent begin to emerge, this unit is tough to rank much higher. Florida needs at least a couple first- or second-year players to turn into significant contributors or starters. Front Line: 3.5 Overall Talent: 3.5 Depth: 3.5 Total: 10.5 This is a group that looks fairly average across the board, though it could be bolstered by younger players like Tyron Hopper or Derek Wingo emerging […]

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