Resilient Lee County Leaders Head To East Lee County – May 10th For Harnes Marsh Middle School Students Take Tallahassee!

By: Mike Welch


It is now a community crisis – speeding, racing, bullying and roadway transgressions in all sorts of forms.  Drivers are threatened with simple chores like going to the store or simply to work.  We read or see on media almost daily crashes and terrible loss of life and for what?  Aggressive driving, harassment and an utter disregard for the rights and lives of others. Last month the Sheriff wrote to us stating various operations were being conducted confronting this problem and as of now it has led to multiple arrests and towed vehicles.  We suspect that many of these bad actors lack the privilege of driving even with no licensing, suspended or revoked licenses and no insurance.  As a community we need to take back our streets and highways.  Don’t hesitate to call the Sheriff’s Office at 239-477-1000 or for emergency 911.


Lee County has created the Lee County Recovery Task Force to discuss various topics with our local communities regarding continuing recovery of the effects of Hurricane Ian.  In addition, the federal government has awarded earmarks of $144 million to underserved communities in Lee County.

The task force and county leaders would like to hear from you! :  MAY 10 – East Lee County Regional Library from 6-8 p.m. (English and Spanish sessions are avaliable.)


On April 17 to 19 The East Lee County Chamber of Commerce was proud to take up the invitation of our Senate President and our State Senator Kathleen Passidomo to host a group of hard-working government/civics students from East Lee County to visit her as well as our other state senator who represents Lehigh, Senator Ben Albritton.  The students were invited as their guests to see the Florida Legislature in action.  They spent time on the floor of the Senate, visited the House of Representatives to meet their state representative, Tiffany Esposito. The student group and faculty escorts were accompanied by Lee School District Board Chair Armor Persons who represent the East Lee County area and East Lee County Chamber of Commerce Chair Mike Welch who organized and sponsored the trip.  This program was popular some years ago and the Chamber Board thought it a good project to organize in partnership with the Lee School District.  Oh, and the students were asked in a Senate Committee meeting by senators about their thoughts on start times for schools.  

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