Rock On! Stay-At-Home Musical Activities and Performances #14

From the
Southwest Florida Symphony

Until circumstances allow us to meet again, please enjoy these wonderful links and sites full of amazing orchestral music and activities!

Iconic Rock Hits

Love these old rock favorites? Listen to them in a new style! Revisit all of these classic rock songs, covered by symphony orchestras! Memory Lane meets Carnegie Hall! Click on the title to enjoy:


You don’t always have to choose between rock or Classical! These are just a few suggestions for a fun mashup of old classic rock and philharmonic form.

  • Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd Gorgeous and moody, and recorded in a cathedral!
  • Kashmir – Led Zeppelin Melody performed by a wonderful cello soloist!
  • Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen Viola soloist as Freddy Mercury in this version, with a great trumpet solo interlude!
  • Symphonic Rockshow at the Smith Center If you loved our Music of QueenPops Concert in January, take the time to enjoy this full-length astounding performance by our oh-so-talented guest soloist, Brody Dolyniuk. He covers them all here, from Elton John to Journey, Rush to Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, The Beatles, The Who, ELO, and more! A perfect stay-at-home date night…You’re welcome! (Seriously, watch this)

We bring the stage to you, in all its irreplaceable splendor!

Can you imagine our lives without this magnificent music?

Take the time to enjoy these great reminders of all we love and miss hearing, until we can meet again safely at Southwest Florida Symphony live concerts!

Enjoying these with your students or children?

Let me hear from you:

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