By Commissioner Ray Sandelli

It seems much has changed in our world since we welcomed 2020. A foreign virus has caused us to alter our everyday way of life, the closing and phased reopening of businesses has put enormous pressure on most all and simple civility seems to evade us all too often. I know in particular that Lehigh Acres and our communities in the East Lee County have experienced great stress and disruption.

But just think of what a difference just two letters can make. ‘Dependence’ is a word that can define the trust a child has for their parents. It can also mean the sobering basic needs that persist for many today. On an even darker side it can be witnessed in those afflicted with the deadly dependence of substance abuse.

Then simply add the two letters ‘In’ and we have ‘Independence’! Now that brings a brighter picture. Independent is what our parents raised us to be. We forge ahead developing skills and purpose. It affords us a sense of personal pride and well bring. It gives us strength to battle against all odds especially in times like these.

So this weekend we celebrate our Independence as a nation. What many fought and sacrificed for. It is the collection of who we are as one. Certainly not perfect, but a country that in so many ways offers what so many seek…the precious gift of freedom!

I want to also assure you that your servant leaders who represent you and your loved ones are there for you and your families during this time. No one needs to feel alone and forgotten. Together Lehigh Acres/East Lee and Lee County will remain strong as we look out for one another.

Enjoy the weekend and I hope it is blessed with family, friends, and good times. Feel free to contact me or my office at 239-533-2223 or

Be safe and Happy Independence Day!

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