School Board Seeks Community Members for Advisory Committees

The School Board of Lee County is soliciting qualified members of the community to serve on the following School Board Advisory Committees, whose purpose will be to provide input, advice and support to the School Board on topics identified:

Continuous Systemic Improvement Advisory Committee – Systematically review components of the District’s strategic plan for the purpose of providing input to the School Board concerning the content and implementation of the plan. The committee shall determine which component of the plan to review after receiving a recommendation from the Board member liaison and chair.

Construction Advisory Committee – Provides input, advice and support to the five-year capital plan; the committee shall also review proposed new construction and renovation projects and review plans for compliance and safety.

Curriculum Advisory Committee – Provides input, advice and support to: curriculum content; materials and assessment instruments; school improvement process; District-wide technology issues and promote the integration of technology into the home and school learning environments.

Finance Advisory Committee – Provides input, advice and support in the preparation of the operating and capital budget for the school district.

Equity and Diversity Advisory Committee – To monitor the District’s maintenance of a unitary school system and adherence to policies concerning equity and diversity. Review and provide input concerning revisions to the student assignment plan and any proposal to acquire a school site, construct or abandon a school facility.

For consideration of new members for this year’s September appointments, online application needs to be completed by 4 p.m. on July 24. Online applications will be taken continually for vacancies that occur throughout the appointment year(s). In appointing members, the Board shall make every effort to reflect the racial and ethnic composition of the community population whenever possible. All meetings are open to the public. Citizens may be appointed to serve additional terms on the same committee.

Applicants must provide information to the School Board concerning any business he/she is doing with the School Board, or has a contractual or employment relationship with any entity which is doing business with the School Board, in advance of being appointed to membership on an advisory committee. “Doing business” with the District does not include being employed by the District. Members of Advisory Committees will abstain from voting as a committee member on any matter that may personally benefit the committee member, his/her employer, or any entity he/she presently has a contract with.

Applications are online at Call 239-337-8303 with any questions.

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