SEE IT: Two Florida Panthers In Vicious Battle, Interrupted By Giant Wild Boar

SEE IT: Two Florida Panthers In Vicious Battle, Interrupted By Giant Wild Boar

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A Florida outdoorsman captured some amazing video recently of two Florida panthers in a vicious battle, only to be interrupted by a 250-pound wild boar. The video, shot by Andres Pis on March 31, shows one panther attacking another while he and his son were hunting turkeys in Hendry County, southwest of Lake Okeechobee near Clewiston. The father and son duo were in a so-called ‘blind’ or tent when suddenly they heard a “murder of crows approaching and they did not sound like they were following a gobbler, they sounded like they were following a predator,” explained Pis. “As the gang of crows got closer I peeked out of the right side of the blind and I caught movement, and sure enough it was a young male Florida panther. As I was pulling the phone out to get some footage of him, out came quite possibly the same cat I saw with my daughter Juliet one year and two days before and hit him like a freight train!!!!” As the battle went on, he said, “A pack of rather large wild boars came running in to the screaming of these to Apex predators. One of the Boars, was really hell-bent on settling some old scores I guess, and came in hot right up to about 6 feet and probably was the reason the younger cat made it out of there alive.” Panthers are Florida’s state animal and are a very seldom seen animal in the wild. “To the best of our knowledge it is the first time in recorded history that such an event was captured on film,” states the Panthers of South Florida Facebook page which also posted the video. Pis also told CBSMiami that he has seen more wild Florida panthers than anybody he […]

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