Soups and Stews…Comfort by the Spoonful

Eagle Ridge Author Releases Second Cookbook

Soups and Stews…Comfort by the Spoonful is all about creating great soups and stews for you, your family, and guests. It has sections on Chicken, Beef, Fish and Vegetable soups and stews. With 220 pages, 260 recipes, and over 470 colored photos, Soups and Stews…Comfort by the Spoonful is a great addition to any kitchen cookbook line-up. The book also includes a section on International Flair and on cooking with crock pots and slow cookers.

“Do you know what to do with that roasted chicken leftover? I give many recipes for that. How about what to do with a beef roast? I offer many beef stews and ideas,” says Connie. “I even include tips on how to remove the paper skin from garlic, and tips on the different types and tastes of onions.”

The cookbook includes an in depth index and an appendix with information on spices and going green in your kitchen, and grades the recipes’ difficulty with hats: one hat is easy, two hats has more ingredients, and three hats takes a little more time to prepare.

Soups and Stews…Comfort by the Spoonful is $20 plus $5 for shipping; order directly from Connie Hope. Email or visit

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