Talkin’ Baseball: WWE is ‘essential’ so could the Phillies be headed to Florida?

Talkin’ Baseball: WWE is ‘essential’ so could the Phillies be headed to Florida?

Spectrum Field, the Phillies’ ballpark in Clearwater, Fla., could be the site of baseball that counts this summer. Scott Lauber Usually, we would have these conversations in the press box or the dugout or on the walk to our cars after another night of watching the Phillies. There’s no baseball to watch in 2020, but there’s still plenty to talk about. The Inquirer’s baseball writers – Bob Brookover, Scott Lauber, and Matt Breen – chatted Tuesday morning through their computers. It almost felt like the press box. Matt Breen : I’m sure you guys saw earlier week (you know that I did) that the state of Florida deemed WWE an “essential service”, which allows the wrestling company to continue filming its weekly TV shows in Orlando. WWE was deemed essential after Florida added a new category to its list of essential services, which now includes “employees at professionals sports and media production with a national audience” as long as the event is closed to the general public. So does this open the door for MLB to play in Florida? I’m starting to think it does. Bob Brookover: Now we need somebody to be serious around here and once again it has to be me. That, combined with the green light from Dr. Anthony Fauci to play the games behind closed doors, probably does open up the Florida idea. Weather, however, is going to be a serious problem in both Florida and Arizona. In the desert, of course, it’s going to be 100-plus degrees at game time every night and in Florida it’s going to be hot, humid and probably raining. The low in Miami on Monday was 80 degrees, which is two degrees higher than the normal low in July there. Lauber: Oh, we’re being serious all of a […]

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