Tax Collector Sets Date For Annual Certificate Sale

FORT MYERS, Fla. (May 5, 2020)  Despite these uncertain times and understanding the hardships so many property owners face, Tax Collector Larry Hart has opened registration for the annual sale of properties with unpaid real property taxes. Visit to register.

The Tax Collector is required by law to hold a tax certificate sale on or before June 1 each year on properties with delinquent taxes that remain unpaid. Registration closes for the auction-style sale on May 13 at 11:59 p.m. EDT, and the sale takes place on May 19 from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. online at

Tax certificates represent liens for delinquent taxes, interest and charges associated with the properties involved in the sale. Tax certificate holders pay the delinquent taxes to the county in exchange for the chance to earn interest of as much as 18% per year.

Buying a certificate isn’t the same as buying the property, but beginning April 1, 2022, anyone holding a certificate issued in this year’s sale that has not been paid or redeemed can apply for a tax deed to sell the land. Certificates expire seven years from the issue date and are null and void at that point.

Each certificate goes to the bidder willing to accept the lowest interest rate. The bidding starts at 18% and progresses downward in 0.25% increments. Any certificate that isn’t bid on will be issued to the county and available for purchase from after the auction.

To learn about certificate redemptions, transfers and cancellations, visit  To become a registered bidder, go to

About Lee County Tax Collector

The Lee County Tax Collector (LCTC) exists to serve the citizens of Lee County. The office takes pride in organizational excellence and offering exemplary customer service and operates by the credo of “We’ve got your back.” The LCTC operates, the official interactive website of the tax collector, which allows county residents to quickly and easily take care of motor vehicle and vessel registration, pay property taxes, make appointments for concealed weapon permits and more. The agency operates seven service centers throughout the county to provide efficient, convenient services. The LCTC works to provide innovative and quality service that supports the growth and sustainability of the community. For more information, visit or follow Lee County Tax Collector on social media.

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