The Election Of 2020 Has Been Cast – Lehigh/East Lee County Looks Forward To The Holidays And Mindful Of Covid19

By Mike Welch

As we approach the close of the year we look back and reflect upon a pandemic that continues with few signs of containment around our nation. Amidst all the challenges and heartache SOLIDARITY and all that it means must be a universal observance for our times. Here are a few happenings:

The Lehigh Town Centre has cancelled its annual Holiday Tree Lighting on December 4th. The program that brings out hundreds of residents was determined to be too high a risk at this time. The tree and decorations will continue to be displayed.

The Salvation Army is calling for interested residents to be bell ringers and is taking applications at the Lehigh Acres Office (25 Homestead Rd. N., #42) on November 9th beginning at 10:00 a.m. Bell ringers will be paid $9.00 per hour. Please bring a government ID to complete hiring paperwork as well as your Social Security card. This is a great opportunity to earn some extra money and do a great service for those in need.

Carolyn Peplow of Lehigh Community Services offers us a column on the work of the Center at it prepares for the Holidays. From Thanksgiving assistance to Holiday assistance, Carolyn reports on how to receive assistance during these challenging times. Please give Carolyn a call at 239-369-5818 on how you can help those in need.

Our Sheriff Carmine Marceno offers us advise on how to stay ahead of criminals who cyberstalk and victimize consumers as our spending habits have changed since the beginning of the pandemic. The Sheriff’s article is informative.

Finally, I would like readers to be introduced to S.H.I.E.L.D (Special Highway Immediate Emergency Location Defense). District Director James Branham of the SW Florida SHIELD offers us a column describing some the activities and services the organization offers. In particular their involvement in Benches for Babes – Shield 4 Kids is designed to bring benches to area school bus stops. As Lee County Government continues to place some 1100+ new street lights within our area no doubt these developments will contribute to the safety of our children.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

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