The Power of Connection

By: Lauren Whitman, CHC, MBA
FORT MYERS, FL – There’s no doubt that connections can be powerful. Connecting to the right people, the right job, the right partner – all very powerful. Did you ever think about the power of connecting your thoughts? Every day we connect thoughts in strings – like this – “I’m hungry so I will go get something to eat.” or “It’s 7:00 – time to head to work.”

The Corridor Paper - Lauren Whitman & husband
PHOTOS: Lauren Whitman & husband before
Photo Courtesy: Lauren Whitman, CHC, MBA

I think it’s safe to say that those connections that generate thoughts create perceptions that guide our behavior throughout the day. Every day we have literally millions of “perceptions” that help us navigate the world around us. From hot and cold, close and far, safe to dangerous, it’s all perceptions – and each individual has their own set of perceptions!

Some perceptions can be extremely limiting. Think about how you perceive your own body. Do you see yourself as attractive or unattractive? Fat or thin? Healthy or unhealthy? And does that perception create the thought of being worthy or unworthy when it comes to your career, your home, your partner? Do any of these thoughts resonate with you?

  • “I have always been fat so I will always be fat.”
  • “I have become so unhealthy that there is no way to fix it.”
  • “I have been in pain for years and will always be in pain.”
  • “There’s no sense in watching what I eat. My whole family is heavy so I must be heavy too.”
  • “I wish I could get healthy so that I didn’t need all these expensive medications.”
  • “I hate my career. It keeps me away from my kids and isn’t very fulfilling.”

While these perceptions may have some truth to them, they can be extremely limiting when they are the foundation that you are thinking from each day. The terrific thing about these self-limiting perceptions or beliefs is that they can change!

The Corridor Paper - Lauren Whitman & husband after
PHOTOS: Lauren Whitman & husband after
Photo Courtesy: Lauren Whitman, CHC, MBA
What if you decided to change them?

How would you go about making a change to your perceptions? Maybe you would turn to self-help resources like books and videos. When those “inactive” resources aren’t working, it’s time to get some help though a new connection! In the past, your only choice was to go to a psychologist or counselor for help. You may not feel that you need that level of support so where do you turn to next? This is where coaches come in. Having someone to offer support and guidance as you work toward your goal can be extremely empowering. Even coaches hire coaches! Having another person to offer their perceptions to the constant dialogue in your head can help to shift your perceptions and support new behaviors that bring you to the success you’ve dreamed of for your own goals. Why not give it a try?

Lauren Whitman, is a Certified Health Coach with training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and OPTAVIA as well as a BS in Psychology and Sociology and a Masters degree in Business. Lauren lives in Gateway with her husband Mike. You can reach Lauren by email at or by phone at 207-215-6767.




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