The “Third Draft” is Creating a New Entrepreneur

A Lee County resident is dusting off the book-bags and going back to school! Local entrepreneur, Jim Griffiths, stated “As a society, we’ve been taught to put a round peg in a round hole for decades. Jobs come with instructions while entrepreneurism requires creative thinking. Business classes are available for kids and adults, but few offer thinking skills. If younger people don’t learn to think like an entrepreneur, starting a business or even maintaining a career in our new high-speed society will be challenging.” Jim is volunteering to work with staff from local schools and colleges, not to rewrite curriculum, but to add skills to it. Skills that would include leadership, creative thinking, trouble shooting, overcoming setbacks, character branding, brainstorming ideas, and personal presentation into an existing state-approved entrepreneur’s business class. Jim adds, “The goal is to offer education that will enable students to grow into adults that can think of a way to hit any pitch that life throws their way, business or personal.”

Local, writer, speaker, and publisher of SW Florida’s Nautical Mile Magazine, Jim Griffiths, commented “Barely acquiring a minimal passing grade and being permitted to move on to the next level does not offer acceptable long-term odds to our youth. We’re setting out to bridge that gap with something that has the power to alter the educational system as we know it. And yes, an adult night-class version is being created.”

Jim adds, “I’ve heard that kids want the summit but are not willing to make the climb. I don’t believe that. I think they’re smart enough to know that if they make the climb using the economic system we’ve created, they’ll most likely never reach the summit of their dreams. Our youth has worthy goals. They want to change a world that needs changing, they’re willing to stand their ground, and I support them.”

The long term goal is to incorporate life-skills into Florida’s school system. What Jim thought may take a lifetime to set a foundation for has only taken months, thanks to the local educational system’s interest in helping students prepare for real world experiences.

The Lee County school system, especially Jeff Spiro, principal at Cape Coral High School, is excited to see this project move forward. Plans are to have the class available to students in the 2018 school year at a Cape High. Jim stated, “As this moves forward and proves to have successful results, other schools throughout the state will quickly want to replicate the class. Young entrepreneurs will have a new face, one that can cultivate any idea, weather any storm, and face any fear with creative thinking and problem solving abilities!”

Everything needs funding. Instead of tapping into the school’s budget, or seeking donations and grants, Jim has formed a group called The Third Draft that will be hosting a monthly business luncheon where paid speakers will offer professional advice on what it takes to create, run, and maintain a successful business. The luncheons are called the Entrepreneur’s Balcony and being held at the VFW Post 8463 located 4709 SE 11th Pl., downtown Cape Coral on the first Monday of the month starting June 5. The business luncheons will offer a unique and educational meeting with priceless information. $40 per person includes food from the Lobster Lady, Jets Pizza, Ceno Grill and an assortment of snacks and deserts. Proceeds from this new luncheon will financially benefit the Third’s Draft’s new project. Find more information about The Third Draft and the Entrepreneur’s Balcony at

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