These jobs could blossom in South Florida after the coronavirus pandemic

These jobs could blossom in South Florida after the coronavirus pandemic

Before the coronavirus outbreak, several spots in the United States had serious nursing shortages. As infections rose, nurses have been in demand to travel to hot zones, with extra pay as an incentive.(Waraporn Wattanakul // Shutterstock) There’s no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has battered some South Florida businesses to the core. But there is reason for optimism. Some occupations could see a surge of hiring once the crisis passes, providing opportunities for the tens of thousands of people thrown out of work, economists say. “Companies will be looking for someone to do certain jobs instead of having people on staff,” said Siri Terjesen, a professor at Florida Atlantic University with a focus on entrepreneurship. “Accounting, marketing, strategy development and implementation will take off in a way it didn’t before because it was typically was done in-house.” White-collar professionals who can work from home will be in demand, said Marc Weinstein, a business professor from Florida International University. Health care jobs will see a hiring spike, especially for home health aides and telemedicine. (Canva) More health care workers, particularly home health aides and telemedicine, will be needed to serve South Florida’s large elderly population. ““Instead of going to an assisted-living facility, that care might be in their own home,” Terjesen said. “They might have a live-in care nurse.” Higher demand also is likely for physician assistants, nurse practitioners and doctors, as well as contact tracers and travel nurses who can head to COVID-19 hot spots. “We’ll see more telemedicine where possible,” Weinstein said. “Jobs that require physical contact like dentistry or physical therapy will still exist, but they might change. You may see more protective equipment.” Financial planners and other professionals such as lawyers and accountants could face pent-up demand.(fizkes // Shutterstock) Some jobs will be lost forever, forcing […]

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