By David Deetscreek

I am asking you for your vote for seat 3 at the Lehigh Acres Municipal Services Improvement District. The incumbent, has held the seat for the past 8 years. It’s time for a refreshing change to status quo. It’s time to move away from the efforts to purchase a utility company, potentially costing Lehigh Acres taxpayers millions…the study alone costing tens of thousands of dollars, only to fail. It’s time to elect someone who will not be driven by small groups of people with individual agendas. It’s time to elect David Deetscreek.

Should I secure your vote, and win the seat, I have just one promise, but many “I Wills.” Those of you who know me, and there are many, know that my words count. I don’t take things lightly, and while my position may be different from some, I always act fairly. Those of you who don’t know me, I hope you read on and give me the chance to gain your support.

Should Lehigh Acres elect me:

  • I WILL always put Lehigh Acres and its taxpayers, first.
  • I WILL protect and manage your money as if it were my own.
  • I WILL respect and support the staff of the district.
  • I WILL take the time necessary to study and understand all issues prior to my vote.
  • I WILL vote on your behalf, not mine.
  • I WILL bring my favorable relationships with our state legislators and local government to the table to represent the Municipal District and Lehigh Acres.
  • I WILL be fair, honest, professional and transparent.
  • I WILL always look to advance Lehigh Acres into the future, thinking big, but smart, studying and preparing for the right times to do so, in the best interest of Lehigh Acres tax payers.
  • 40 year resident of Lehigh Acres
  • Graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University, B.S. Accounting
  • Greater Lehigh Acres Chamber of Commerce (East Lee County Chamber of Commerce) – Current Treasurer; Past Chairman
  • Lehigh Community Services – Current Board member
  • Healthy Harvest Community Farms – Current Treasurer; Past Chairman
  • Lee County School District – Past Chairman, Financial Advisory Board.
  • Business Owner – Frostbourne Strength & Fitness – Lehigh Acres, FL

Political advertisement paid for and approved by David Deetscreek non-partisan, for the Lehigh Acres Municipal Services Improvement District, Seat 3.

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