Vote Now To Select Florida’s Strangest News Stories Of 2020

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Florida Freakshow podcast celebrates Florida’s reputation for weird headlines

Cape Coral, FL (November 19, 2020) – Florida’s reputation for strange headlines serves as a badge of honor for many Sunshine State residents.  But which news stories were the strangest of 2020? 

That’s exactly the question that the Florida Freakshow, a weekly podcast that celebrates weird Florida news, is hoping to answer.  Starting this week and continuing through mid-December, the podcast is inviting the public to vote on 2020’s most peculiar Florida headlines.  Voting is being conducted on the podcast’s Facebook page:

“2020 has given us more than its fair share of memorable news worldwide. None of us will forget the record hurricane season, the civil unrest, a contested election, or the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Florida Freakshow co-host Kirsten O’Donnell. “But our podcast is more interested in the unusual headlines that don’t exactly make the front page.”

Hosted by award-winning former journalists Cory and Kirsten O’Donnell of Cape Coral, the Florida Freakshow podcast shares humorous takes on Florida’s weirdest news.  Each week, the pair discuss four news stories from the Sunshine state, ranging from the mildly unusual to the outright bizarre.

“We’ve selected what we think are the three weirdest news stories from each month this year. As you can probably guess, it wasn’t easy to whittle it down,” explains co-host Cory O’Donnell. “Now we’re inviting our listeners and others to vote on our Facebook page. When all the votes are in, we’ll announce the freakiest Florida stories on our year-end show. It’s almost like a tournament. We should call it the ‘Freaky Four’.”

The podcast will count down the top vote-getters on its Dec. 30th episode.

The weekly podcast is available on most listening platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Pandora, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio, and TuneIn Live on Alexa. Listeners can also enjoy the podcast on the Florida Freakshow website ( New episodes are released on Wednesdays.


The Florida Freakshow chronicles all that is odd, bizarre, strange, outlandish, peculiar, kooky, quirky, weird, and downright freaky in Florida. Follow the Florida Freakshow podcast on Facebook ( and Twitter (@FlaFreakshow), or on the podcast’s website:

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