Lehigh Acres Fire Control District Voters Approve Change To Simplified Fire Assessment

With 100% of the ballots counted, the Lee County Supervisor of Elections is reporting that Lehigh Acres Fire Control District voters have approved a referendum to replace the current demand-based assessment with a simplified fire methodology. Under this simplified fire methodology, property owners will pay an annual assessment of $162 per parcel plus $.93 per $1,000 of the value of improvements on a parcel of land.

“I am grateful that the residents of our District recognized the value of the emergency fire, rescue, and other services provided by our department,” stated Chief Robert DiLallo. “Through their approval of this referendum, they are recognizing our need for growth so that we may continue to provide and improve upon our service to this expanding community. We plan to begin implementation of the goals for future-planning outlined on our website, most immediate of which is the construction of Station 106.”

An additional public hearing will be held in September regarding the change, noticed by publication in the News-Press and by an individually mailed notice sent to every parcel owner. 

Information on the Simplified Fire methodology is available on our website here: https://www.lehighfd.com/administration/page/proposed-simplified-fire-district-assessment-information-page.

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