Was a Florida man’s violent confrontation with his wife prompted by his daughter’s high-end wedding?

Was a Florida man's violent confrontation with his wife prompted by his daughter's high-end wedding?

Sneak peek: Reuschel vs. Reuschel Sneak peek: Reuschel vs. Reuschel CBSN Live Sneak peek: Reuschel vs. Reuschel Apr 2, 2020 04:50 buttons/button-playertray-rightbuttons/button-playertray-right Produced by Sarah Prior, Paul LaRosa and Dena Goldstein When police were called to the upscale Gainesville, Florida, home of Mike and Sue Reuschel in the early morning hours of February 3, 2018, they found the couple stabbed and bleeding. Mike told cops an intruder had crept into their house and attacked them. But when Sue awoke from surgery for her life-threatening in juries, she gave police a different story—saying Mike was her true attacker. The motive? Prosecutors say Sue told Mike that night that she wanted a divorce, and he attempted to kill her to avoid having to split his multimillion dollar fortune with her. “This case is about … the power of money,” says prosecutor David Byron. “It’s about the power of desire for control.” Mike and his defense claim Sue was an abusive wife who was often in conflict with Mike over his daughter Caroline — and Caroline’s expensive wedding only made things worse. “There’s no way on God’s green earth that my father would … stab anyone,” says Caroline Reuschel. “Never in one million years would I think that my wedding would be the catalyst for all of this.” So, what really happened that night? AN ATTACK Peter Van Sant : Where were you and how did you learn that your father on February 3rd, 2018, had been arrested? Caroline Reuschel : I was in Chicago with my husband. And I got … an incoming call on my cell phone and it was a recording that said, “An inmate from the Alachua County Jail has called you.” Minutes later, the phone rang again. Caroline Reuschel quickly answered and heard the voice she’d known […]

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