What comes first: virtual school or your job? Florida teens are juggling.

What comes first: virtual school or your job? Florida teens are juggling.

With more hours expected of them at fast food restaurants and other businesses considered essential during the pandemic, students and their teachers are learning new lessons about balancing work and school. [Associated Press (2005)] PLANT CITY — It was easy enough during normal times for Sailor Gentry to balance her course load at Riverview High School with her 25-hour-a-week job at a Bubbaque’s restaurant. Then her school routine was flipped upside-down with the March 30 change to virtual learning. And her 25-hour work week job grew to 35 hours. “When we were going to school, I was able to get a lot of homework and classwork done while in class,” said Sailor, a 17-year-old junior, “Now I have to find time after work, or get up early to do assignments.” High school teachers are noticing large numbers of their students in similar situations, sometimes to the detriment of what is already a big ask — replicating the school day from a distance as buildings remain closed because of the COVID-19 health threat. Sailor said she has her school work well organized. The money she earns — server wages, plus tips — pays for her car expenses. She is trying to save the rest for college. Other students are helping support families as unemployment heads toward levels that, according to some warnings, could reach 20 percent. Amanda Linton, an English teacher at Strawberry Crest High School, ran into one of her juniors, Madison Davis, working the drive-thru window at Chick-Fil-A, in the middle of the day. ”It just blows my mind,” Linton said. “I would say I probably have between 12 and 15 kids working at essential places like grocery stores that are not closed. Some managers are seeing this as an opportunity, like it’s spring break, or it’s Christmas, […]

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