Why Am I Running For Local Office

By David Deetscreek

In 2010 I ran for the position of Commissioner, Seat #2, of the East County Water Control District, now named the Lehigh Acres Municipal Services Improvement District (LAMSID). I held that seat for 8 years before being defeated in 2018. I will be running again for Seat #3, in November 2020. Often, I am asked why are you running again, and for that matter, why do you participate in various civic organizations in Lehigh Acres? Well here’s my story.

In 2010 I chose to give back to the community I have resided in since 1979. I realized then, that in order to be a part of the community, you have to give back to it. So I ran for office and won. I worked hard to serve the residents of Lehigh Acres. Since then, and despite my election loss in 2018, I have continued to give back by being part of the East Lee County Chamber of Commerce, Lehigh Acres Community Services, and Healthy Harvest Community Farms, where we provide produce to those in need in our community. I am also employed by, or owner of, four businesses in Lehigh Acres, all of which, in total, focus on providing recreation, education, health & fitness, and business consultation to our residents.

It is thru these ventures, and through the commission seat I hope to win at the LAMSID, I commit to provide sound leadership and help promote, plan, and build for the future of Lehigh Acres. I have contributed much time, effort, and money to this community, and want to continue doing so. I want to share my ideas that could someday become actionable, all for the benefit of Lehigh Acres.

I have extensive previous experience at LAMSID, understand its operations, and parted with a good, honest reputation. Protecting our water resources, environment, supporting education thru this organization, and providing direction for responsible fiscal management, not “tax and go,” is something I have missed. And thru this organization, understanding that there is a bigger picture for all of Lehigh Acres, I hope to represent the community as a whole wherever possible, to help provide a better future for our children, and our children’s children. I owe this community so much, and I love this community.

Should you elect me this coming November, I promise to act with a non-ending passion that best serves you, and the Lehigh Acres Community, with a commitment to do the right thing no matter what. Winning the election would be nice, but unlike many others, this promise, commitment, and action, does not depend on it.

Political Advertisement paid for and approved by David Deetscreek for Lehigh Acres Municipal Services Imp. Dist. Seat 2

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