Wisconsin Transplant Makes Beautiful Music In Southwest Florida

Cellist Trace Johnson joined the Southwest Florida Symphony in 2017 while completing his Master’s of Music at Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL. Trace, a sci-fi and historical fiction fan, has been spending time in New York City taking care of family, including his sister who is a nurse in Manhattan. Trace is proud to be supporting his sister during this difficult time.

Trace is an adventurous young American cellist whose passionate intellect and effortless musicality inspire all of his endeavors.

Connect with Trace below as he performs in a dramatic (and “cool”), video by Jack Whaley. During Prevoir, Trace performs Jean-Louis Duport’s Etude No. 7. Trace and Jack went to school together at the Interlochen Arts Academy several years ago and are both natives of Wisconsin. They produced this video together in Spring Green, WI in the winter of 2013. Of course, you’ll hear Trace live once the Southwest Florida Symphony’s exciting new season begins!


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